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Testimonials for Nicole Nicolaisen, West Seattle Reflexology

“I’ve been a client of Nicole’s for about 4 years and my feet have never felt better. Since becoming a client my feet don’t feel tired or achy anymore. I tried West Seattle Reflexology because I was concerned for my aging feet and the fact I walk and take the bus everywhere. After a session my feet feel energized and relaxed. Nicole’s personality is like a breath of fresh air, she’s always upbeat and looks at the positive things in life. The sessions are worth the investment because I always say that my feet are worth it!”

~ Patrice R.

“The most relaxing thing you can do for yourself! Nicole is amazing and has a wonderfully kind, welcoming spirit that knows how to calm my nerves during and even after sessions. I look forward to my bi-monthly sessions because Nicole is able to use reflexology to help me with all my hip, knee, feet, wrist and even neck pain. Our sessions have also helped reduce my stress and assist with better sleep. The only downfall (not really) is that I usually fall asleep from her amazing feet and hand massages! Thank you, Nicole.”

~ Amanda S.

“Highly recommend. One of the best things you can do for yourself. I completely enjoyed my session with Nicole. It was comfortable, very relaxing and I left feeling amazing. I love the benefits of reflexology and I booked my next appointment.

The location is easy to get to, and there was lots of places to park on the street. She asked great questions of what was my focus was and she offered a choice of essential oils and I thought that was amazing touch! - Everything was a very lovely experience.

I booked an hour service, and made sure I booked my next before I left. Very happy.”

~ Alexiis M.

“Nicole’s knowledge and technique are remarkable. I visit weekly and have significant relief from my condition. I am very appreciative.”

~ Larry

“I have nerve damage that prevents me from enjoying a massage, which is tough since I carry a lot of tension and stress in my upper body. I didn’t know about reflexology when I sought out Nicole’s services a few years ago. I just figured I would get a nice foot rub, since that is one area that isn’t affected by the nerve pain. I can’t even express how fortunate I feel to have found Nicole. Not only do I get an amazing foot massage, but she knows exactly where to apply pressure to relieve the tension in the other areas of my body! She invites such calmness and healing to the room, and I leave feeling like my entire body got worked on. It truly is amazing. If I could I’d go to Nicole every day!”

~ Debbie

“I’m an avid runner, cyclist, and Nordic skiier. Nicole’s healing powers have tremendously helped my sore, tired feet & calves; particularly when I’m training for an event. I saw her a week before my last race. Curiously, I did not experience the usual tightness and pain from my right hip down to the back of the knee that I’ve felt recently after running 10+ miles. I am a believer!”

~ Andrea B.

“Having read about reflexology over the years, I decided to treat myself to a session with Nicole. What I didn’t expect in my very first session was the deep relaxation and body awareness I experienced compared to traditional massage. I now view reflexology as health maintenance. Nicole’s sessions are truly for the body and soul. She is a wonderful healer and her enthusiasm for holistic balance has turned what started out as a treat, into my personal priority for greater energy balance and health.”

~ Linda K.

“A couple of years ago, my chiropractor suggested that I find a good reflexologist. I saw Nicole’s cute little ad in the PCC newspaper and called her. What great luck. Nicole is a sensitive, compassionate and gifted practitioner. Her sessions not only provide healing and balance to my body, but relaxation for my jangled nervous system. I leave every session balanced... body and soul.”

~ P.M.

“I usually wait too long to see Nicole... when I get there I’m a yammering fool with my nerves all askew. Then Nicole works her magic and I’m whole again ready to face this crazy world!! Hey, Nicole hits all the right spots on my feet and an hour later I’m relaxed as though I slept a perfect sleep if you know what I mean. On top of that she’s a kind and straightforward person; easy to work with.”

~ G.P.

“I can’t tell you how many years have gone by where I have wanted to try reflexology. I would read someone’s advertisement and be drawn to it and never follow through. Then I received an excellent recommendation from my massage therapist and thought to myself ‘now is the time.’ I was so excited that I had no problem driving to her home in West Seattle. Once I arrived I felt completely comfortable in Nicole’s presence. Her work space is quiet and welcoming. So with that feeling of comfort came the wonderful experience of letting someone truly delve into my feet. A foot rub beyond your basic foot rub! Nicole’s comforting presence and wonderful ability to let you completely relax while she works on you is to me the best part of the gift. However, as someone who was also in the process of doing a cleanse, I received the added bonus of my body responded amazingly well to the reflexology in a way that became a helpful asset to my cleanse. It truly is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or a friend.”

~ Amy S.

“Nicole’s practice of reflexology has been an important part of my self-care. I get a profound sense of relaxation from the sessions.”

~ Kay B.

“I look forward to my regularly scheduled reflexology appointments. I began reflexology as an alternative therapy when I was diagnosed with cancer. They are so relaxing and stress reducing. If you have ever had a foot massage – this is not it! It feels like every part of your feet is being touched. I run and bike. A treatment after a race feels like heaven. Nicole is a compassionate healer, and I highly recommend her as a reflexologist..”

~ Beth

Nicole’s reflexology sessions are therapeutic on multiple levels. I have chronic shoulder tension and and an hour with Nicole releases my neck, back and shoulders more effectively than deep massage. Her touch is perfect, her intuition about what needs attention is right on. Even if I don’t explain specific challenges I am having, she finds them in my feet. I find it easy to relax because Nicole is compassionate and calming, and I feel peaceful after every session.

~ Brenda J.

“Nicole’s treatment helps me to reduce anxiety and promote deeper sleep. I go for regular “tune-ups” to help reset my body, especially after stressful situations or travel. I feel like reflexology allows my body to recalibrate and promote overall healing.”

~ Judith K.

“I made Nicole’s Website for her and we’re friends, but don’t let that detract from what I’m about to tell you. Nicole has amazing finger strength, focus and intuition to match. Her touch always feels exactly right. How does she know that’s where I wanted her to go next? How does she know how deep to go? She just does. By the end of the session something really good has happened to me. My whole body feels better, and... beware.. toxins are ready to be flushed out! It’s amazing how much water I need to drink afterwards! This is powerful stuff. I’d recommend Nicole’s reflexology to anyone that is ever stressed.”

~ Alek V.