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Nicole Nicolaisen, Certified Reflexologist

About Your Reflexology Session

During your reflexology session, your feet will be warmed up using hot towels and soothing strokes to relax any areas of tension. The pressure used during your session will vary from light to deep. Some areas of the feet may be very sensitive, and this tells me where to focus my attention. The intention of the session is to reduce pain, not to create it. Working on areas that are tender may help release tension being held in that area. Some people feel so relaxed during a session that they even fall asleep. What better way for your body to heal?

Reflexology Feels Good
Soothing and Nourishing Touch
A Warm, Relaxing Experience
Foot Massage for Pregnant Women
Intentional Healing Space
Nicole Nicolaisen, C.R.

Reflexology is especially therapeutic to clients who are involved in high-stress jobs, live active lifestyles (e.g., athletes, dancers, hikers, runners), pregant women, or people who spend all day on their feet (e.g., nurses, cashiers, servers, flight attendants).

Reflexology is not a replacement for medical advice and, even though reflexology is a safe and gentle healing modality, there are some contraindications.

Please consult your doctor for suggested treatments if you have...

  • Foot injuries or surgeries within the past 6 weeks. If you have arthritis of the foot, gout, fractures, or any serious condition affecting the foot.
  • Issues with blood clotting. Since reflexology increases circulation in the body, there is a risk of moving any potential blood clots closer to the heart or brain.

About Nicole

Nicole opened her reflexology practice in 2004 after earning her certification from the Seattle Reflexogy & Massage Center. She sees clients most days of the week, and when she is not busy helping people relax and heal she enjoys time with her family and two cats. Nicole loves to cook, go for nature walks, garden, dance, and visit art galleries.

Nicole is also a professional interior redesigner and color consultant with a background in retail visual merchandising. She is a thriving entrepreneur with a passion for creative expression and self-care. She is happily married to woodworking artist Andy McConnell.